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It´s all about automation

Automation is coming, it is already here in a big way, and it will definitely rule how we see things and manage things. You may think that you job most likely will be replaced by a machine, and how sure are you of that possibility? AI has been advancing tremendously, from automating the amazon online sales warehouses by robots that do all the collecting of the items to automating and provisioning networks based on algorithms that do all the implantation. So what is in store for 2018? Will we all be replaced by little robots ready to take over our jobs and future?

It is very possible that this will not be the case, and not now at least, but we are on a journey towards such a reality. It is quite naïve to believe that jobs will be fully taken over by automation, but they will have a big influence on how we work and the outcomes we are normally accustomed to. We will each have to adapt our careers accordingly and making the right choices and being well informed we can each take advantage of the changes to come. Simply be ready. Either on the journey or through personal planning.

Automation exists in SD-WAN. We are still waiting for the final definition of SDN, software defined networks, with many companies still doing their own thing. And many times still going in different directions, only considered similar in the overall technology, but with vendors still at edges with one another has to how to be one and all. However, not with SD.WAN. It continues to be red hot, very in demand and shows lots of good use and great possibilities. SDN has not given fruit as a one in all or a new technology paradigm.

It has become a group of many different all in one solutions by dispersed at the same time. One real example of one of those all in one directions is SD-WAN being an example of use case success in that area.

What is SD-WAN

SD-WAN is something we can all use and buy into today and it gives value, which is the primary goal of any technological use. You can make a complicated wide area network that is a mix and match of carriers and circuit types and you can layer on top of these circuits a complex policy that identifies specific types of treatment for different applications and then distribute that policy from a central point out to all your SD-WAN forwarders. Perfect.

No running about with complex routing policies but you gain insight into capabilities way beyond the normal routing policies. There are cost models that can suit anyone and any liking and from multivendor too. And what is more you can manage it all from the cloud or in the cloud, so companies save money but keeping it all in the hands the user, and can free yourself from the Provider like MPLS solutions.

How you can provide security functionality

You can now provide automated security functionality for infrastructure like containers, where you do not need to be writing security rules based on IP addresses. This does not scale with the ephemeral nature of virtual containers as a closed system but new technologies allow for automated security rules based on metadata.

Orchestration and automation do most of the hard and dirty work that you would have to do by hand as a network engineer and it is obvious that these new technologies can change the way companies do business.

Cloud networking and automation then seems to be to clue factor in bringing most of this together. Most clouds are cost driven, not just service driven, and companies are looking for the saving as they progress to do improved business. Companies could start in the cloud, with their services, save on costs, have most services automated and then slowly if needed bring and join to their own data center, all the while being based on cost savings.

Companies are on board

Technologies from companies like Amazon and VMWare as well as Cisco are hot on this bandwagon with the objective to automate the connectivity between a company’s on premise data warehouse and their public and private cloud resources. WMWare recently announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services that provide this connectivity between the public and private clouds by offering its software like NSX on AWS.

So why not start thinking about where all this is going and where you fit in.

There are a lots of cloud technology offerings as a career move and progression with Amazon Web Services, WMWare and Cisco Cloud. Be sure to check them out.

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